• Image of Limited Timed Print 06/23/17 - 07/02/17 "Keitora TT"
  • Image of Limited Timed Print 06/23/17 - 07/02/17 "Keitora TT"

Limited Time Print. "Keitora TT"
Available only between Friday 23rd June to Sunday 2nd July 2017.

Dimensions available:
A3 297x420mm
A4 210x297mm

"Keitora TT" is a Kei class mini truck that was previously a mobile catering vehicle, supplying some of the most unusual and sought-after seafood cuisine in Toukyo. The vehicle came into the hands of a new owner in 2014 for the purpose of transporting hazardous or unwanted food waste from the many backstreet vendors inside the old district. The truck was spotted operating up and down the narrow streets but we are not sure if those unwanted parts were actually disposed of... or if they are still on the menu.

Illustration by Rich Sheehan.
Printed on Velvet Fine Art Paper.
Numbered and Hand-Signed.
The edition size is determined by the number of prints ordered in the time frame stated. After GMT midnight Sunday 2nd July 2017, it will no longer be available.
Shipped Internationally from Tokyo, Japan.

If you have a question please send me a message.
Thank you for your support!

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